Marking an item as "Not Spam" in Webmail - POP & IMAP Webmail Users

Periodically, you will want to login to that account and check the Spam folder to see if there are any false positives (ex. an email from your colleague that was incorrectly marked as spam).  It shouldn't happen often, but if it does, please follow the instructions found in the article below to mark the messages as "Not Spam" which will add them to your safelist so that they are never blocked again.

  1. Login to Webmail -

  2. Click the "Spam" folder, found on the left side of the screen


  3. Right-click on the message that is not spam, and click "Not Spam"


  4. This will do two things.  It will automatically move the message to your Inbox.  It will also safelist the sender so that his emails will never be marked as spam, no matter what.